World War Z Study Guides

Are you reading the One Book, One College pick for 2013/2014? If you’re looking for more background information on the book, there’s a study guide to help! The guide is broken down by interview and includes some explanation of history referenced in the book. Want to know what the Great Patriotic War was? Want a little more background information on Tibet? Who are the Yanomami and where do they live exactly? And what’s that conflict between Israel and Palestine really about? You can find out by reading this guide! The guide also provides more links to items we have here at the library in case you want to learn more! The guide, however, isn’t made to be a substitute for the book. Sorry, you won’t find any Cliff Notes here.

Since there are so many characters in the book, there is also a character bio to help you remember who’s who in addition to what’s what. Who was Todd Waino again? Jurgen Warmbrunn? All character bios also include page numbers in case you want to go back and reread sections. Happy Readings!

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