World AIDS Day 2005

World AIDS Day 2005
Today is World AIDS Day. According to the World AIDS Day Web site, over 8,000 lives are claimed by this disease everyday, and 5 people die each minute from AIDS. This pandemic is ravaging the globe, and the spread of quality information about this disease is our number one weapon in the fight against AIDS and HIV.

*The library has many resource in our collection about AIDS. Take a look at the subjects AIDS disease and HIV as starting points.

*For more detailed and broad coverage of HIV/AIDS articles, you can go directly to this HIV/AIDS search (off-campus users must log in) in the library’s EBSCO research database.

For other online sources, you may want to consult these sites:

*The National Library of Medicine’ s page MedlinePlus: AIDS lists news and other resources.

*CNN has this coverage of World AIDS Day.

* posts this message about World AIDS Day.

*Time Magazine’s, the BBC’s, and CNN’s pages about AIDS in Africa are useful media sites about the disease’s impact on the continent of Africa.

*The CDC has released this page about AIDS and women.

*The University of California San Francisco has created the HIV InSite Web site as a gateway to a great deal of useful information about HIV/AIDS.

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