Working, Chicago, Our Jobs, and Studs Terkel

Jobs (or lack of jobs) have been making headlines for the last few years. We often think about jobs in terms of money and the economy, but we know that jobs are about more than that. Jobs are often about our identities. They are about who we are. For our students here at Moraine Valley, they are often seeking their first jobs, and those first jobs will greatly impact who they are and who they will become.

In 2008-2009, our college used Studs Terkel’s classic book Working as our One Book text. We spent the year studying work, workers, and working. You can find MP3 audio from this program on the Working Events Page:

I would also like to share two links to two events recorded as part of this program. These will take you into the library’s catalog where you can find links to the audio recordings for these events.

Working: how Studs Terkel inspired a generation of journalists

Description: Thom Clark, president of the Community Media Workshop at Columbia College Chicago, presents a lecture about the life and influence of Chicago icon Studs Terkel

Ourselves & our work: how our jobs make us who we are
Description: How does our work shape us? How do people around us view us based on the type of work we do? How does training and education in order to get work help to shape us? What motivates us to work? Just money? Or, are there other reasons we work? Panel members include: Mitchell Baker, Maryan Jatczak, Richard Wolf, and Krista Appelquist (moderator).

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