Will Your GPA Land You That Job?


So you worked hard and earned a decent grade point average, somewhere in the three point range. Will it really matter? Employers are questioning college GPAs, viewing them as over inflated and unreliable in assessing students’ skills or potential for success in the workplace. At colleges across the U. S. seniors will take the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA), a test that “aims to cut through grade-point averages and judge students’ real value to employers.” The test is not restricted to college graduates. Students can show their test results to prospective employers; many are using CLA scores, not GPAs, to evaluate prospects.  As one employer stated, “I think at some point everybody has been fooled by good grades or a good resume.”

Pursue this link and read further about the new trend toward measuring critical thinking skills for employment. A great score on the CLA or similar tests, not your GPA, may be the key to landing that job that you really want.


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