Why is the Higgs Boson such a big deal?

In the midst of our 4th of July celebrations, the understanding of our universe has shifted. Scientists at CERN announced evidence of the existence Higgs Boson, which is a fundamental particle buried within the fabric of our universe. Physicists have been searching for the Higgs since 1964, but have just now been able to confirm that it exists. For physicists, this is kind of like winning gold medals in every event in the Olympics. It’s HUGE. But, for most of us, figuring our what a Higgs Boson actually is tough. Here’s an article and a couple of videos that might be useful.

How do you find a Higgs boson? A crash course. You can also check out this book in our library collection The God particle: if the universe is the answer, what is the question? by Leon Lederman with Dick Teresi

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