Where are textbook reserves?

At the beginning of the semester, there may be several reasons that a student will not have the required textbook. One of the important services of the library is TEXTBOOK RESERVES.

If your instructor tells the class that the textbook is on reserve at the library, then you may want to use this service until you get your own.


1. The word “reserves” is a fave of librarians. It only means that items are set aside for specific classes or library patrons. A patron needs to ask for the item that is on reserve.

2. Textbooks on reserve are limited in number and in the amount of time they may be checked out. Students should not expect to get a copy of their required text for a long check out period.  In most cases, an item may be checked out for only 2 hours.

3. Where are these wonderful textbooks? As you enter the library, step up to the Circulation Desk, the very first desk on your left hand side as you enter.

4. How does a person ask for a textbook? Textbooks are filed under the course name, the course number and then title of the textbook.

5. Have you wondered why you have a MVCC photo ID? Well, this the place where you can provide your MVCC photo ID. It is needed in order to check out the text.

6. Fines? Hey, what library do you know that doesn’t have fines? And they can be pricey for reserve items. If you are clever and want to keep the textbook throughout the semester, you may end up paying more for this dubious “option” than if you had purchased or rented the text from the bookstore.

So, please enjoy this service, and to recap –

Come to the Circulation Desk, first public service desk on your left as you enter the library.

Know the course name and number (Com 101, e.g.) Then give the title of the text.

Provide your MVCC photo ID for checkout.

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