What is Comics Journalism?

Normally when we think about comics we think of something funny or probably something rooted in fantasy. Comics journalism is a relatively new term in the world of comics and can be described as a “shorthand term for reported nonfiction told through sequential art” (according to the Columbia Journalism Review).

If you’re new to comics journalism and would like to learn more, I’m putting down a few recommendations. One name that always comes to mind when talking about comics journalism is Joe Sacco. Late last fall, we had our first ever graphic novel symposium and we did a graphic novel series in preparation for the event. We highlighted two of Sacco’s books in our collection called Palestine and Footnotes in Gaza

If you’re looking for something you can read online, there’s a couple of options. I’d look at “Terms of Service: Understanding Our Role in the World of Big Data,” which goes over privacy laws regarding things like Facebook and Gmail and how companies can legally get information. If you’re looking for something completely different, you should check out “How to Survive a Shooting,” which is, unfortunately, as sad as it sounds.

For more information on comics journalism, you should check out “Read Harder Recommendations: Comics Journalism” and “How comics journalism brings stories to life.”

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