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Trying to save the earth? Interested in the environment?“Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Earth, a new electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society. The Encyclopedia is a free, fully searchable collection of articles written by scholars, professionals, educators, and experts who collaborate and review each other’s work. The articles are written in non-technical language and will be useful to students, educators, scholars, professionals, as well as to the general public.” These words are from the web site It is a very good resource for the student and layperson alike. A keeper. Who’s responsible for it? The National Council for Science and the Environment with editorial support from the Department of Geography and Environment and the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies at Boston University.

On another note, if you want to know the lay of the land, Lincoln Land in particular, visit Put out by the Illinois Dept. of Transportation, these are PDF maps of Illinois. Although Google Maps will give you directions and streets, these maps, rather, show the features of regions in Illinois according to Township, County, and City, with only the main thoroughfares plotted. Not all cities in Illinois are on the list. 

And finally, try to learn something new by visiting You will have to get through a lot of ads to get to your video, but as a neophyte, you will be treated to step-by-step instructions or information on various topics from handling corn snakes to putting on mineral make-up to advanced pole dancing.

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