C2E2 as a Literary Event

The books, graphic novels, and comics, at C2E2 can be a great place to find your next great read. For reluctant readers, they can also get you back into reading.  Don’t let critics tell you other wise. Comics and graphic novels create generations of new readers, fascinate its current readership with storytelling methods that combine high art and evocative text., and they make former readers nostalgic of the reading enjoyment of their youth. Readers who enjoy graphic novels/ comics, generally make an easier transition to Young Adult, and then Adult titles.

The annual C2E2 event in Chicago has more to offer than just celebrity appearances, and autograph signing. It offers a wide array of graphic novels, comics, nonfiction titles, and adult novels. There are also authors, and artists for just about everyone. If you are unable to make this years C2E2, here are the links to the convention’s authors, and artists so they can be part of your future reading selections.

Comic Guests

Literary Guests

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