Using Google Docs for Paperless Group Assignments


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Recently I had a group project with my classmates from my media services class, and all of us were enjoying using Google Docs to share our ideas and comments. When different people open the same document, Google Docs lets you know where exactly in the document other persons are ready to type. That makes it easy for you not to be working on the exact same piece of text and thus avoids confliction. You can edit the documents and mark the modifications. Besides, you can add people (may be your professors) to help editing or reviewing; those helpers can be assigned different access levels such as modification and read-only. Another feature is that Google Docs allows us to manage files via various platforms including mobile phones, Apple iPads, and of course PCs. When you finish editing your team works, documents will be saved automatically in your Google account. Since files are associated with your Google account, which can be logged in with anywhere, you do not need to make duplicate copies from one place to another. Make sure you collect email addresses of your group, and create group email lists before you start your team projects. Want detailed steps to utilize the above features? Check this free Google Docs Tutorial right now!

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