Upcoming Event: Filmmaker Qasim Basir Visits Moraine Valley

We are excited to announce this event featuring filmmaker Qasim Basir! This is free and open to the public.

Pursuing Creativity with a Purpose: Filmmaker Qasim Basir Visits Moraine Valley
Thursday, April 4th, 11 am, Building L, Library Lounge
For over 100 years of film and TV, the narrative of this country, and much of the world, has been controlled by a small group of people. And it has shaped the way people see different cultures, faiths, and communities – many times, in an imbalanced way. It has only been in the last 20-30 years that more diverse voices have been able to speak their truths and contribute to the re-education of a portrayal that’s been one-sided for far too long. This is the day to hear and tell the truth about who we are, in whatever medium you choose, to create a country that is meant to be “United.” Acclaimed film maker Qasim Basir will visit Moraine Valley to discuss his work and process. Special event that is part of the Mosaics: Muslim Voices in America program.

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