Tsuro: Ride the Winds of Fate


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If you have not yet heard, your Moraine Valley Library has a new collection of games to check out!  They are available at our circulation desk to be loaned and played in the library!  We’re doing a series of blogs highlighting each new game, and this week we’ve got Tsuro on the docket.


Tsuro is as beautiful as it complex.  In it, you are a dragon riding on the winds of fate, and each player takes turns creating the path that these winds take.  Initially, you place your dragon on a tick along the border of the board.  Each player takes turns lying down tiles that set out a path before their token.  Your dragon must follow the path it is connected to.  If the path that is created leads your dragon off of the board, or into a collision with another token, you’re out of the game!  Be the last one on the board to claim your victory.


The game requires a bit of planning and strategy.  As the board becomes crowded with tiles, you must take care to keep your dragon from getting put on a path to destruction.  You must be aware of all the interconnected pathways and know their outcomes to make the right moves.  Other players are also affected by your tile placement, so if you play your tiles right, you can sweep someone off the board while moving yourself to safety.


The games can be short, lasting between 10-20 minutes depending on the number of players involved.  Each iteration of the game is unique, so it stays interesting even when played multiple times in a row!  It’s easy to learn, with very few rules, but figuring out all of the possible paths can be complex.  Come try it for yourself at the circulation desk in the library!


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