Topic Shopping to Get Speech and Paper Ideas

I just finished working with a Speech class (COM 103) this afternoon. We were working on finding current, interesting, & exciting speech topics. I wanted to share some of the resources that we used. (Note: you must have a valid MVCC Student ID that is in the library’s system to view these from off campus.)

  1. Opposing Viewpoints: This link will take you a keyword search in our Library’s online catalog. The Opposing Viewpoints series of books offers short essays on current topics from differing points of view.
  2. CQ Researcher Pro/Con: This is a list of CQ researcher’s pro/con articles covering a range of current topics.
  3. SIRS Researcher: When you visit SIRS, you will see a “leading issues” section in the center of the page. These provide summaries of the topic and then a list of published articles on these topics.
  4. NewsBank Hot Topics: When you visit this page, you will notice a link that says “hot topics” on the left navigation of the page. This lists keywords that you can use to get information on topics in these news sources.

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