To Get a Greater Return on Your Holiday Shopping… Consider the Proven Economic Benefits Of Shopping at Small Local Businesses

Before you click “Purchase” on your next online order, or stand in line for deals at a big box retailer, consider these findings of economic studies that show why you should consider shopping small and local.

1. You create jobs in the community

Local businesses create jobs both directly and indirectly. When you shop locally, there are more entry level and full time positions at small businesses for segments of the population, like college students. Also, the tax revenue generated through local sales will also be used to reinvest towards officers, fireman, and public works employees.

2. It is better for the environment

Shopping at a locally owned business saves on food/product miles. If you shop at a local farm stand or grocer that offer local products, it will consume less gas for transportation.

3. A higher percentage of the money spent will be returned locally.

Based on several studies, for every $100 you spend at locally owned businesses, on average $68 will stay in the community. That is 158% more than when you spend it a chain retailer.

4. Nonprofits and charities also benefit

Local businesses donate to community causes at more than twice the rate of chains. Additionally, some local chamber of commerce’s also have scholarships for college students living in district.

5. You conserve your tax dollars

Shopping locally through small businesses means that local sales taxes are returned to the community.

For more information, visit these websites:


Andersonville Chicago Study


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Blue Island Chamber of Commerce

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