They’re almost here!

The IRS has emailed its forms’ providers that the shipment of many of its forms will begin on Friday, January 23, 2015. For those who like to prepare their returns early, this year’s delay of the forms has been a challenge. However, the IRS is scaling back its paper supply. More and more, tax payers will have to transition to electronic  solutions. Remember this web address: You will need this to locate forms, worksheets, and instructions that will no longer be provided to you in a paper format.

Now for the Illinois forms…   Here is the web address for the state: and here is the message from the state:  

TAX SEASON UPDATE:     The 2014 Illinois Income Tax forms are available on our website beginning Tuesday, January 20, 2015. We are not accepting electronically filed 2014 tax returns at this time as we continue to test new identity theft prevention measures. Check back here for the up-to-date information for these services.


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