The Year of Debunking!

BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel has declaried 2014 as the year of the “Viral Debunk” (see his article, 2014 Is The Year Of The Viral Debunk (The “Hoax Economy” gives way to a new breed of fact checking)).

He has declared (and we agree) that it is time to end the silly, crazy, and untrue hoaxes regularly spread online. Yes, we know we can’t stop them all, but we can work to counter them. This is a lesson in Information Literacy.

Alex Goldman & PJ Vogt discuss this on a recent episode of the TLDR podcast. I wanted to share in an effort to spread the word.

TLDR Podcast: Hey, Guess What? I Found Truth for Us

Description from the site: “Last fall, TLDR covered a bunch of hoaxes. Some we liked, most we didn’t. On this episode, we talk to Paulo Ordoveza and Adrienne LaFrance, a couple of people who have devoted themselves to trying to debunk the innumerable falsehoods flying around the internet.”

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