The Works of Michel Foucault . . . Wait, Who?!

Michel Foucault, French philosopher.  Read more about him here.

Have you ever read an essay or article for a class that really challenged you?  Not only was the work itself a little more difficult to read, but did it change your way of thinking about an important issue or provide another perspective from which to consider the subject you were studying?

I had that experience the first time I read Foucault for an art class in college.  He is not necessarily “easy” reading and whether you agree with his philosophy or not, Foucault has some super interesting ideas about subjects like “power” and “knowledge.”  Arguably, he has made an indelible impact in the field of philosophy and modern day philosophers still reference him today.  Foucault’s so cool for school, he even has his own Theory Action Figure.

Anyway, be sure to check out some of the library’s resources by Foucault here. He might just blow your mind!

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