The Social Justice Roots of the 1963 March on Washington

Tomorrow (August 28), marks the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington that is remembered for the “I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This was an event that came to be a great culmination of movement that continues today.

Our collection has many items covering the march and the Civil Rights Movement (visit this link to see March on Washington resources in our collection.

Here’s an interesting discussion about the evolving nature on how we view the March on Washington. It’s roots are grounded in economic justice that include the racial justice for which we remember it today.
50 Years Ago, March on Washington Had More Radical Roots Than Remembered Today
Description: Historian William Jones joins Gwen Ifill to offer an overview of how the March on Washington came to be, why President Kennedy wanted it to be called off and what roles women of color played on that historic day. Their discussion is one a series of conversations looking back at the legacy of August 28, 1963.

Here are some video & audio from events held in our library that are related to Civil Rights and issues of equality and social justice:
African American Men Tell Their Stories
Advocacy and Activism featuring Tamarra Coleman-Hill
The Little Village Environmental Justice Organization featuring Claudia Ayala
Young and Arab in America: A Panel Discussion
Why Integration Still Matters: Forced Bussing and Its Impact on My Life
Malcolm X Opening Lecture Featuring Dr. Abdul Alkalimat

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