The sky is falling!

In this image provided by NASA this is the STS-48 onboard photo of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) in the grasp of the RMS (Remote Manipulator System) during deployment, from the shuttle in September 1991. The satellite is 35 feet long, 15 feet in diameter, weighs 13,000 pounds. U.S. space officials say they expect a dead satellite to fall to Earth in about a week. NASA has been watching the 6-ton satellite closely. NASA scientists are doing their best to tell us where a plummeting 6-ton satellite will fall later this week. It's just that if they're off a little bit, it could mean the difference between hitting Florida or New York. Or, say, Iran or India. (AP Photo/NASA)

Ok, to be accurate, the sky isn’t going anywhere, but there will be a big satellite hurtling from space to the earth in the next few days. Scientists aren’t sure where it will re-enter the atmosphere, but have assured the public that it is unlikely that anyone will be hurt as it lands. Take a look at this article up at NPR: Earth to Satellite: When Will You Hit and Where? for more details. Be sure to scroll to the end of the article for the link to NASA’s updates on the satellite’s status.

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