The Journey of East Asian Cultures

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The East Asian cultures are exotic, mysterious, aesthetical and fascinating to Westerners. Architecture, cuisine art, poems, wash painting, gardening, sado, Yin Yang, and Feng Shui, among other amazing things, all originate from the long-lasting East Asian civilizations that date back to as far as four thousand years ago. To get intimate with them, you do not have to make a physical tour; we can provide you a wonderful virtual journey to the East Asia from our library. The following resource list will give you a comprehensive overview of the cultures in East Asian countries and regions, which includes history, geography, customs, economy, politics, and social issues. In addition, you can also discover a lot of popular and amazing subjects in these books and DVDs, such as pop music trends, fashions and art designs, famous comic characters, traditional Asian foods, and local travel guides. Are you ready for this exciting journey? Let’s reveal the mystery and exoticism of East Asian cultures.


Ancient Chinese inventions

China—a global studies handbook

China in the 21st century—what everyone needs to know

Pop culture China: media, arts, and lifestyle

The Koreas

The Koreas – a global studies handbook

Japan—a global studies handbook

A travellers’ history of Japan

Japan Pop: inside the world of Japanese popular culture


Discovery atlas: China revealed

Eyes on Asia: China

Hong Kong & Taiwan

North Korea: Secret Nation

Blog author – He Tian (Dominican University graduate student)

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