The horror!

To find local haunted houses, search here.

Did you know… that we have movies like Dracula, the Ring, and more that you can check out for two days?! Search for horror films to see what other dvds we have!

This is a really cool reference book called Icons of horror and the supernatural : an encyclopedia of our worst nightmares that you can look at in the library. We also have several books about horror films and literature that you can borrow if you want to write a paper or create a horror-themed project!

Just want to read a good ghost story? Check out some ghost stories or horror tales! You can borrow these for two weeks!

*Hint: To find more books or dvds, try clicking the subject links when you find a title you like. Also, try searching for related words or topics like werewolves, ghouls, haunted houses, etc. You can click on the “refine by tag” words or click “explore similar items” to find even more!

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