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As we gear up for more bitter Chicago winter weather here are some tips for keeping your dog safe, healthy and warm!
* Many de-icing and ice-melting products are toxic for pets. Lime and chloride salt can irritate the foot pads and cause sickness when licked. Rinsing paws in water after walks will help removes these products from paws and reduce risk of sickness.
* Even brief exposure to sub-zero temperatures can lead to frostbite of the feet, nose or ears. Frost-bitten skin appears red, gray or whitish and may peel off. Prevent frostbite by removing ice and snow from paws and fur right away.
* Do not be tempted to let dogs off the leash in snow or ice. Canines often lose their scent in cold weather and can become lost. Dogs also can panic in snow storms and run away. The decreased daylight does not help either. More dogs are reported lost during the winter than any other season, so always keep dogs on a leash when outside and make sure yours always wears proper identification.
Here are just a couple of items in the MVCC library for dog lovers:
DVD — Dogs and More Dogs – Reveals surprising insights into the origin and evolutionary strategy of our canine companions – SF426.D64
Book –Dogtown: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Redemption – HV4746.B43

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