The Copyright Lessons of “I have a Dream”

As we approach the 50th Anniversary of Mr. Luther King, Jr’s “I have a Dream” speech, I wanted to re-post this link that I originally posted in February of 2013:

King’s “I have a Dream” Speech Will Cost You.

Here’s another NPR story about King’s speech, Why It’s Difficult To Find Full Video Of King’s Historic Speech.

The issue here is that this is one of the most significant speeches in US history, but the family of Martin Luther King, Jr owns it and requires schools, authors, and publishers to pay to reproduce it in any way. They are using copyright law to lock up this speech. This issue here isn’t really a problem with Dr. King’s family (they are acting within the law). The problem is that this law is way out of balance. Here’s a short video that outlines the problems with copyright today:

Why Copyright Law is so Mickey Mouse – And How to Fix It: Q&A with Jerry Brito

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