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Hopefully you’ve heard, but in case you haven’t, MVCC Library has an awesome new collection of games to check out!  They are available at our circulation desk to be loaned and played in the library!  This series of blog posts is designed to highlight our games, and this entry is all about Ticket to Ride.


You are a railroad tycoon, and the objective of the game is to expand your railways before the other tycoons get a chance to lay down their tracks across the U.S.A.  The board is laid out with major stations across the United States mapped out with indicators showing the railways that connect them, and how long that railway is.  To connect two stations together you must collect enough train car cards of the same color to fill in the number of spots.  Keep an eye out for the Rainbow Car!  It counts towards the total for any color!


Each completed railway is adds to your score, with the number of points increasing for a line requiring a higher number of train car cards.  There are also objective cards that award points if you are able to connect the two stations listed on the card. Having the longest consecutive railway on the board will also boost your total. Beware, though!  Other players are vying for some of the same lines that you’ve got your eye on, so don’t give away your strategy!  You might just find a big caboose in your way!


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