Thankful for Podcasts

Talk of turkey, family, gratitude, all signs the Thanksgiving holiday is just about here. The long hours spent on the road or in the airport – facing down boredom, perhaps – don’t get as much attention. How to enliven those hours after you’ve tired of your musical playlist and making conversation, but are not ready for silence? Try downloading or streaming a new (free!) podcast.

When I asked  Moraine Valley librarians what they were planning to listen to over the break or have enjoyed listening to, this is what they shared.

Sharon Byerly: “I started listening to episode one, “Time,” of the Ways of Hearing podcast series written by Damon Durkowski, musician and writer, first because sounds often bother me. Too many sounds at once or certain sounds stress me out. Second, because I am philosophically interested in the concept of time, especially in regard to my life spent online vs. offline. Third, because one of the guests is Shaheed Muhammed of A Tribe Called Quest, a group I admire.”

Dan Matthews: “I’ve been listening to Adam Ruins Everything, Invisibilia, Nancy, and Call Your Girlfriend. They all center around social issues in some way, and have engaging interviews, and fun personalities to listen to.”

Marie Martino:  “Bad at Sports is … irreverent and smart and funny at times and includes interviews with some great contemporary artists. The Nerdette podcast is a celebration of nerdom!  Hosts and guests geek out over cool and oftentimes fascinating pop culture goodies, artifacts, events, and issues. This American Life is definitely a staple and I have had a number of “driveway moments” when I happen to catch it live on public radio.  A few of my all-time favorite pieces/episodes are: Animal Sacrifice; Plan B, Act 4, A Fate Most of Us Fear by Jonathon Goldstein; and God Said Huh by Julia Sweeney.”

Troy Swanson has lots of recommendations, including: A Storm of Spoilers, which focuses on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, and other stuff in the off season;  I Was There Too  tells stories of the crew and background actors of major films and TV shows; You Are Not So Smart: A Celebration of Self Delusion looks at the psychology of belief; and Ivy Envy: Chicago Cubs Fan Podcast includes discussion about the Cubs from well-informed and heartfelt fans.

This librarian had planned on taking a break from her usual political, newsy, bookish podcasts in the coming days and spending at least an hour of her interstate drive listening to the Le Petty Prince Edition of Slate’s Hit Parade, in which the hosts “track the surprising parallels between two artists gone too soon.” Now she may listen to one – or more – of these, too.

You can check out a more extensive list of Moraine Valley librarians’ favorite podcasts, originally shared on the Library blog last spring, here.


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