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My Spaceship is a Graphic Novel

The other day I went to Mars.  It was an eerie and confusing place.  Martians were not tiny green men with large black eyes but beings that look similar to ourselves.  Martians and humans travel across the sands in large ships that glide with the power of wind.  There is even a hotdog stand to feed the hungry new inhabitants of the planet with food that reminds them of home.  As Earth humans slowly take over the planet I saw it change from a well established Martian civilization to a planet of small towns made to look like the ones we live in here.  Entire cities built by the Martians become ruins that Earth children play in, it leaves a somber feeling.  They are running around an abandoned city that was once bustling with commerce, lively hoods and the sound of a different species of children laughing. My means of seeing all these intriguing sites was not a NASA top secret new spaceship but a graphic novel I found right here at MVCC.

Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles: the authorized adaptation  is a graphic novel version of Bradbury’s book of short stories, The Martian Chronicles.   Bradbury was one of the most critically acclaimed American writers of the last century. Many of you may have read his book Fahrenheit 451, a novel about a dystopian civilization were books are outlawed.  This graphic novel was approved by Bradbury, he even wrote the introduction which gives us the reader insight to his fascination with Mars starting at a young age.  With the colorful panels, and easy flow from story to story, its no wonder why he approved of this stunning adaptation of his beloved stories of Mars.

Other works by Ray Bradbury that we have in our collection are below:

Novels: Dandelion wine: a novel, A graveyard for lunatics : another tale of two cities

Short Stories: The Stories of Ray Bradbury, The vintage Bradbury: Ray Bradbury’s own selection of his best stories

Poetry: When elephants last in the dooryard bloomed : celebrations for almost any day in the year

Don’t forget the Graphic Novel Symposium September 18th and 19th!

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Stories of Survival Told Through Graphic Novel: A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge

Nine years ago New Orleans was challenged by Hurricane Katrina.  Many of us remember the news coverage of citizens on roof tops waiting to be rescued, the stories from those huddled with thousands of others riding out the storm in the Superdome, and the haunting images of neighborhoods washed away.

Non-fiction graphic novel A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge portrays what it was like for citizens of New Orleans before, during, shortly after and years after Katrina.  This graphic novel takes on the task of telling true the stories of five individuals who were affected in different ways by the storm.  One stubborn doctor doesn’t think it will be any worse than other hurricanes and refuses to leave.  A store owner stays behind to guard from possible looters.  Each story vividly portrays the thoughts, emotions and reactions these citizens had toward the storm that tried to take their city.  The end of this novel is inspiring and reminds us that those who call New Orleans home met the challenge of Katrina with strong will and a loyal love of “The Big Easy.”

The author of this novel, Josh Neufeld, went down to New Orleans shortly after Katrina to volunteer with the American Red Cross.  Being a comic writer and journalist he took the stories of those he met and turned them into this heart breaking and inspiring graphic novel.

If you are interested in another non-fiction graphic novel similar to this one I would highly recommend Fax from Sarajevo: A Story of Survival.  It tells the story of a family’s struggles during the Bosnian Conflict.

Don’t forget to check out our Graphic Novel Symposium September 18 and 19 (from 10 a.m to 3:30 p.m.) for interesting lectures and fun activities!

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Gaming in the Classroom

We are excited for our gaming day that will be part of our Graphic Novel Symposium (September 18-19). This event will connect gaming and learning…and we hope it will be fun!

I wanted to send along a link to this post: ProfHacker: Gaming in the Classroom (A Game a Day at Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching).

This post would be especially useful for faculty who are thinking about using gaming as a way to engage their course content.

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