Finding Help for Hungry Students

Hunger is an issue people of all ages are facing in this tough economy – including American college students. Moraine students are responding to this need by researching food pantries on college and university campuses. Check out the links below to read about some college food pantries and to find out what other students have done to highlight and help fight the hunger problem.

Try Moraine databases! You will need your student ID barcode to search from home! (Remember to update your ID in student services S building and here in the library each semester!)

  • For news articles, search databases such as Chicago Tribune, New York Times, or Washington Post.
  • Try other databases such as SIRS, Academic Search Complete, or Expanded Academic ASAP. Try different combinations of search terms like “colleges and universities,” “college students,” “food production,” “food pantries,” “food pantry,” “food assistance,” “food relief,” “food banks,” “service learning,” “community food services,” or “services.” See below for examples of some articles found in these databases.
  • From SIRS you can find:

-Marcus, Jon. “Colleges Trying New Ways to Keep Students from Dropping Out.” McClatchy Newspapers. 27 Sep 2011

-Malkin, Whitney. “Students Are Hungry to Learn–And Now Are Just Hungry.” Washington Post (Washington, DC). Aug. 3 2008: A.12.

  • From Academic Search Complete, you’ll find:

-Bradley, Paul. “Feeding Academic Success.” Community College Week, 23(17), 6-7.

-“Financially Struggling College Students Turn To Food Banks.” Diverse: Issues In Higher Education 25.14 (2008): 15.

  • From Expanded Academic ASAP:

-Adelman, Deborah, and Shamili Sandiford. “Reflections from the garden: developing a critical literacy of food practices.” Radical Teacher Spring 2007: 5+

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