Syria’s Civil War Under Discussion in the Library

This 60 minutes piece below outlines some of the challenges involved with the ongoing civil war in Syria. The library will be hosting a film and a discussion about the Syrian conflict on Monday, October 22nd, 12pm – 2pm, Library Lounge, Building L. This event will feature the documentary The Suffering Grasses and a discussion by Ramah Kudaimi a Syrian-American activist living in Washington, DC. Ramah serves as the Membership and Outreach Coordinator at the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, and has worked at other grassroots activist organizations including CODEPINK and the Washington Peace Center.

Here is the piece by 60 minutes:
Inside Syria’s civil war
Summary: Sneaking across Syria’s border, Clarissa Ward reports from its most dangerous city, Aleppo, where a battle rages between rebel groups and Syria’s military.

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