Swine Flu Resources

Looking for resources about the swine flu, a.k.a. H1N1?  Here’s a short list of free, authoritative, and timely web sources about this virus.

General Information:

Center for Disease Control– H1N1 2009

MedlinePlus (NLM)–H1N1 Flu

Flu.Gov–Swine Flu FAQs

Department of Homeland Security–Response to H1N1

Enviro-Health Links (NLM Specialized Information Services)–H1N1 Flu

Ebsco–Influenza Evidence-Based information Portal

Information for Specific Groups

Center for Disease Control–H1N1 Information for Specific Groups


Center for Disease Control– H1N1 Flu Vaccination Resources

Flu.Gov–Vaccines, Vaccine Allocation, and Vaccine Research


Medline Plus (NLM)–H1N1 Interactive Tutorial

Center for Disease Control–CDCStreamingHealthVideos on YouTube


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