SuperheroesIf you are interested in superheroes or comic book history, there are two new additions to the library’s collection you may like to check out. The library now has the PBS documentary Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle, which “examines the dawn of the comic book genre and its progenitors, as well as the evolution of the characters that leapt from the pages over the last 70 years and their ongoing worldwide cultural impact. It chronicles how these ‘disposable diversions’ were subject to intense government scrutiny for their influence on American children and how they were created in large part by immigrants whose fierce loyalty to a new homeland laid the foundation of a multi-billion-dollar industry.”

Also new to the collection is a book based on the Superheroes PBS series, titled Superheroes! Capes, Cowls, and the Creation of Comic Book Culture, which covers “the effect of superheroes on American culture- in print, on film and television, and in digital media- and the effect of American culture on its superheroes.”

Stop by the library and sharpen your superhero knowledge!

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