Spring Is Coming, So Are Our Newest Streaming Videos

MV Library has a new series of streaming videos this March:

Engineering an Empire


(Taken from IMDb.com)

Engineering an Empire is a documentary program on History Channel that explores the accomplishments of engineering and architecture in the history of the world. This program includes the following episodes:
Rome; Egypt; Greece; The Aztecs; Carthage; The Maya: Death Empire; Russia; Britain: Blood and steel; The Persians; Da Vinci’s World

The Men Who Made Us Fat


(Taken from IMDb.com)

Around the world, obesity levels are rising. This three- episode documentary series entitled The Men Who Made Us Fat explores the political, economic and social events that led to our increasingly overweight world.
The Men Who Made Us Fat: Part 1
The Men Who Made Us Fat: Part 2
The Men Who Made Us Fat: Part 3

Children in No Man’s Land


(Taken from IMDb.com)

Children in No Man’s Land is an award-winning documentary that uncovers the current plight of the 100,000 unaccompanied minors entering the United States every year. Click here to view.

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