Smoke-Free Campus?

According to a survey published in 2007, 19.2% of college students are smokers. In other words, one in every five students is a smoker. Although it may seem high, the percentage of college student smokers has gone down by a significant amount. In 1999, the number of college student smokers was 30.6%. Does this surprise you? More information about the survey, Monitoring the Future, can be found here.

Right now across the country, colleges and universities are considering becoming completely smoke (or Tobacco) free. College of DuPage will initiate a Tobacco-Free Campus Policy effective August 6, 2012 banning smoking anywhere on campus (except in private vehicles). Other universities that have followed suit are University of California (Davis), Texas Tech University, and Waubonsee Community College (Sugar Grove, IL). How would you feel about a smoke-free campus?

Other resources for promoting smoke-free campuses include:

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