Segregation in Chicago, Celebrate or Worry?

For decades, Chicago has been recognized as one of the most racially and economically segregated cities in the US. When Martin Luther King Jr. turned the cause of Civil Rights north, he targeted Chicago (see video below). A new study by the Manhattan Institute has gained some press (THE END OF THE SEGREGATED CENTURY: Racial Separation in America’s Neighborhoods, 1890-2010. The results show that as a nation the US is less segregated than ever. It also shows that Chicago is less segregated than in the past. But, Chicago remains one of the most segregated cities in the US. Here are a few articles discussing this study and the implications for Chicago:

1. Sun Times: Chicago tops nation for segregation, but sees 2nd-largest decline in U.S
2. Chicago Reader: The End of Segregation?
3. New York Times: Segregation Curtailed in U.S. Cities, Study Finds

Clip from YouTube About Martin Luther King in Chicago

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