Richard Blanco Poem: Burning in the Rain

Did you know that our library databases include poems by some of the most significant poets today?

For instance, follow this link to Richard Blanco’s poem Burning in the Rain.

Blanco was the poet for Obama’s 2nd inauguration (which I blogged about here, First Latino Inaugural Poet, Richard Blanco). Blanco was the first, openly gay poet to read at a presidential inauguration.

For more on Blanco, you may want to watch:

Inauguration Poet Richard Blanco Hopes to Give Poem of Unity
Description: Jeffrey Brown talks with Richard Blanco, the poet chosen to read at President Obama’s second swearing-in, about what it means to be a part of the festivities. Blanco, a Spanish born Cuban-American, is the first Latino, openly gay, as well as the youngest poet to ever at a presidential inauguration.

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