Revisit “Public Health Preparedness: Whole Community Involvement” – One Book, One College Programming on World War Z

Back in 2014, Jeremy Hirst, Chief of Risk and Emergency Management at DuPage County Health Department held a discussion on public health preparedness for pandemics (such as SARS, H1N1, influenza ), widespread drug addiction, bioterrorism, etc., & how preparations involve the entire community. This discussion was part of our One Book, One College programming on World War Z.

He discussed topics such as surges hospitals could experience during epidemics/pandemics, stresses on laboratories doing testing, and assessing needs prior to emergencies. Watching this video leaves the viewer with questions regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic, such as: did the World Health Organization (WHO) sufficiently prepare countries once the virus was spreading in China? Did the United States federal government prepare its states enough? How are our local leaders dealing with the pandemic, trickling down to the community level? Read this Rolling Stone article on “Why the World Health Organization’s Response to COVID-19 Is Crucial to the Future of Public Health.”

We will continue sharing these World War Z themed discussions in the coming weeks, but also check out the full playlist of One Book: World War Z videos.

Regardless of the event, public health is a critical component to emergency preparedness planning. Jeremy Hirst, Chief of Risk and Emergency Management at DuPage County Health Department, discusses the work of his office in bringing together community groups and first responders to address public health risk. This event is part of the Library’s One Book program on World War Z.
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