Replacing Important Documents: Emergency Preparedness

Wanted to pass along this list from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Emergency preparedness is one of our One Book themes this year. FEMA sent along a list of links that will help replace important documents that might be destroyed in an emergency.  They were presenting links for people living in Colorado who lost many documents in the floods this past year. I thought that this list is useful for us to remind us of items we should copy and protect.

FEMA: Replacing Your Important Papers

-Birth and Death Certificates
-Marriage Certificates
-Marriage Dissolutions (divorces)
-Adoption Decrees
-Immigration Documents
-Driver Licenses
-Vehicle Registration, License Tab or Title
-Military Records
-Mortgage Papers
-Property Deeds
-Insurance Policies
-Social Security Card
-Transcript of Your Tax Return
-Savings Bonds/Notes
-Credit Cards

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