Remembering the Enigma Gore Vidal

Even though it is summer break, our library would be remiss if we did not note the passing of literary icon Gore Vidal. He was an enigma within American thought. You can find over 25 works by Vidal or about him in our library: Gore Vidal.

Take a look at Vidal’s 1957 television play, Visit to a Small Planet (MVCC login required from off campus).

Here is a piece from the PBS News Hour: Remembering Gore Vidal, the ‘Last American Man of Letters’ and ‘Public Scold’
SUMMARY: First and foremost a writer, Gore Vidal never shied away from expressing his thoughts to the public, from appearances on the Johnny Carson Show to his essays in The Nation. Jeffrey Brown talks to Middlebury College’s Jay Parini, who says Gore never stopped writing, reading and thinking in his lifetime.

Watch Gore Vidal Raised the Dust of the Nation in His Writing on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

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