Reality is Broken: Why Gaming Will Save the World!

Are you into gaming? Do you spend more than one hour a day playing games (online, at home, on your phone, wherever)? 100s of millions of people around the world make gaming a part of their daily lives. Playing games is a natural activity for humans. We have played games together for centuries, but video games are only about 30 years old, AND, more importantly, they have the potential to change the world. How? The answer is explored in this book,
Reality is broken : why games make us better and how they can change the world by Jane McGonigal. You can check out this book in our library.

McGonigal explores the psychology and benefits to gaming. She also hows how the self-organization involved with online games and the problem solving skills can be valuable. More importantly, she discusses ways that we can use gaming (and the psychology of gaming) to solve actual, real-world problems. Here’s a video where she discusses some of her work:

CHM Revolutionaries: Reality is Broken- Jane McGonigal with NPR’s Laura Sydell

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