Quarantine Book Clubs

Now that you’ve been inspired to read War and Peace by my “Reading Time” blog from earlier in the week, maybe you’d like to connect with other people doing the same thing. Together Tolstoy might be just the group for you. It’s a free virtual book club. It started a couple of weeks ago, but they’re taking it slowly, reading 12 to 15 pages per day. So there’s time for you to catch up. And by the time summer arrives, you will have read War and Peace!

But maybe that particular book isn’t your thing. There are all sorts of virtual book clubs you can enjoy. The Quarantine Book Club is hosting Zoom author chats with authors from various genres. Or you might enjoy the Translated Fiction Online Book Club with a Zoom meeting every week discussing a different translated work.

These are just scratching the surface of virtual book clubs and many have been around for some time. This article from Bustle has a collection of 14 book clubs for various reading interests. You can also search for your favorite book or author in Facebook groups and likely find all sorts of people from around the world to engage in discussions of your favorite plot points and characters.

Whether you intend to read alone or to discuss with a group, the MVCC Library has you covered, even when the library building is closed. In the library catalog, search for an author, title, or topic. Then use the limiters to the left of your results to see ebooks or even e-audio books.

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