Popular social media tools for teaching and learning!

(Photo from Shutterstock.com)
(Photo from Shutterstock.com)

More and more educators and administrators are learning to use social media tools effectively for students in today’s professional learning communities. Using social networking technologies as educational tools in classroom can boost student engagement and interaction. Young generation learners will feel more comfortable and flexible expressing themselves on Twitter, Wikispaces, YouTube, and blogs. In addition, social media tools can enhance communication among students and teachers and help them establish an online body of work. Educators can post assignments or announcements via social media, answer students’ questions, share interesting Web sites and help students to create multimedia content information centers. However, our educators and administrators also need to carefully craft and evaluate social media policies before applying these technologies. How to choose the right tool for your classes and students is a critical issue, and here are 6 Alternative Social Media Tools for Teaching and Learning that serve as a good start. My favorites tools are Diigo, Pinterest, and Feedly, and what is yours?

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