Popular Science Magazine….Again!

This magazine, Popular Science, is one of my favorites. This is at least my third blog on the good stuff I find there.

The May-June issue is about big machines. You can find out where the second U.S.S. Tripoli is being built on page 69.  The photo is of the finished product; so, it is an artist’s rendering.

When the oil boon dries out, what is Dubai planning to do? Pictures and big ideas for Dubai’s future begin on page 58.


Our perception ability is discussed on page 92 when we look at two orange circles and decide which one is bigger. What’s behind optical illusions? Read the article to find out.

Finally, Tommy Dunne, armorer and weapons master for Game of Thrones, explains on page 84 what it takes to build weapons from Roman and Medieval siege weapons to look and act real, but keeping in mind their safe use for the filming.

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