Political Changes and Social Networks

From smoke signals of the past to online “twits,” technology played important roles in politics. In the past few months, political unrests toppled leaders and dictator across the Middle East and North Africa. We have seen video footage, read blogs, and responded on facebook statuses online. A lot of noises are happening in different areas of the world and many attributed congregations of people’s power to social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and youtube.  What is the role of social media in politics?


Below are some resources that you can read, watch, and hear:

Library Resources:

New Media

Internet Politics: states, citizens, and new communication technologies

Online Video:

How Social Media Makes Life Harder for Dictators

Watch Video:


Social Media Revolution Hits Saudi Arabia

Online Articles:

The Debate on Social Media and Revolutions: Reality Steps In

The Cyberactivists Who Helped Topple a Dictator

This post was written by Paolo P. Gujilde


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