Pioneer Girl (on the Prairie)

If you love the Little House on the Prairie books as much as I do, then you too were excited about the plans to publish an annotated version of Wilder’s original manuscript, Pioneer Girl. Pioneer Girl was the memoir that Laura Ingalls Wilder originally attempted to get published in the 1930s. When the book wouldn’t sell to publishing companies, Wilder’s daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, already a famous writer, suggested that they rewrite her mother’s story as children’s books. Those books became the ones we love known as the Little House on the Prairie series.  (We have all of them in the library if you’d like to read them.)

It was about this time, last year, when I learned that Pioneer Girl was finally getting published.  I added it to my wishlist in hopes of getting it for Christmas, but soon learned that only 15, 000 copies were printed, and it was already on back-order before the book was even released.  So many copies were ordered that the publishing company was unable to meet the demand until March of this year.

I just discovered, a few weeks ago, that we now have it here in the library.  If you are interested in checking out Pioneer Girl, you can find it in our New Arrivals section in the lounge area near the entrance to the library.

If you would like articles about Laura Ingalls Wilder or Pioneer Girl, you can find them in many of our article databases.  If you need help finding anything, you can always Ask a librarian for help when we are open.


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