Phone Tracking and Privacy

Privacy rights are back in the news. Last week I posed about the Supreme Court and DNA. Since then, the media has been going crazy uncovering a new surveillance program where the federal government is collecting phone and internet data. This is a quickly evolving story. I have pasted a video that talks about some of this.

If you are interested in keeping up (or catching up), you may want to look at these two sources:

1) USA Today’s NSA Phone Tracking Summary Page. This page has video updates and other info which is added as new details are released.

2) Wikipedia’s PRISM (surveillance program). Naturally, Wikipedia is far from perfect, but one of Wikipedia’s strengths is real-time updates to developing stories. You can check back to this page and see how it evolves as new information hits the presses.

As with any news item, it is important to read more than one source and hear multiple views.

Mass Collection of Communication Data Speeds Inquiries, Prompts Privacy Debate
What are the origins of the NSA’s surveillance programs, how do intelligence officials use the information and what questions may arise about the cost of privacy? Jeffrey Brown talks with two reporters who have been covering the story, The Wall Street Journal’s Siobhan Gorman and Charlie Savage of The New York Times.

Watch Mass Collection of Communication Data Prompts Privacy Debate on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

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