Perspectives on the NSA, Data Collection, and Privacy

Today, President Obama gave a much anticipated speech on the role of National Security Agency in collecting phone records and online information on US citizens (and everyone else in the world). This is a speech that is a result of the information leaked by US whistle blower Edward Snowden.

You can read coverage of President Obama’s speech here:
-NBC: Obama: Take NSA out of snooping data storage
-New York Times: Obama Calls for Overhaul of N.S.A.’s Phone Data Collection Program

You can watch the President’s speech here: President Barack Obama talks about U.S. intelligence .

For a broader perspective, you may want to consult these resources from our library:
CQ Researcher, “Government Surveillance” (use MVCC ID# to access, awesome source on background info relating to NSA and Snowden)
A culture of secrecy : the government versus the people’s right to know (book in the library collection)
Governing security : the hidden origins of American security agencies(book in the library collection)

Additionally, take a listen to this interview with Richard Clarke, who was a member of the NSA review panel. This is a useful interview that outlines many of the concerns.
On the Media: The NSA Gets a Report Card

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