If you have been following my blogs, you know that when I tout a magazine, I am most often writing about a magazine in paper format! Today, we will look at the September, 2018, issue of Wired.

Found in the magazine racks in the coffee bar, Wired is an entire kaleidoscope of news with a look at some of the technological issues at risk, development, fiendishly or cleverly utilized.

  • Remember the worm, NotPetya, just about a year ago? It was the costliest bit of malware we have seen. Writer Andy Greenberg gives us a perspective from one company that suffered greatly, Maersk.
  • How about the situation in Puerto Rico after the hurricane? Who has been there all this time to help?
  • Technology is also helping to save lives in Syria. The civil war seems to be continuing and innocent lives are being lost.

While Wired is not found in any of our electronic databases, it is online. There may be some fees attached to getting all of the articles online, but lucky for us, we have the PAPER format.


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