The Lucy Parsons Project

The Lucy Parsons Project: “The Lucy Parsons Project is an online educational resource designed to publicize the life of Lucy Parsons and the struggles she championed. There is a rich and vibrant history of anarchist, labor and racial and gender struggles for social change which have been systematically ignored by conventional histories of the United States. Lucy Parsons, a poor woman of color who took great risks engaging in revolutionary anarchist movements for social change, is a part of this enormous history. She is a unique figure even within the anarchist movement, as one of the only known African-American anarchist women of her era. Many of the struggles in which she took part are responsible for the freedoms and privileges many Americans enjoy today. “

The Schomburg Legacy: Documenting the Global Black Experience for the 21st Century

The Schomburg Legacy: Documenting the Global Black Experience for the 21st Century: This exhibition from the New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture “presents a comprehensive survey of the development of the Center’s collections since the death of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg (1938) and explores the Center’s
role as the premier public research library in the world devoted to documenting and preserving the histories and cultures of people of African descent worldwide.” (annoation from Librarian’s Index to the Internet)

Pledge of Allegiance Resources

A petition by Michael Newdow to remove the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance when led in public schools goes before the U.S. Supreme Court this week. He contends it’s a violation of the First Amendment. Additional resources are available through One Nation, Under God, a tipsheet from the Religion Newswriters Association and through a Pledge resources page from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. From the Waterboro Public Library (ME) blog.

U.S. City/County/State Info & Demographics

ePodunk (free site) offers links to data for communities throughout the U.S. covering census & demographics, companies, crime & arrest statistics, the economic climate, education, high school graduation rates, environment, etc. Also includes lists such as claims to fame, festivals, imaginary places, literary quotes about places, &etc. Most/all of the information is collected from other sources (the site relies heavily on the U.S. census), but its by-community analyses (heavily linked one-page snaphots) are intuitive and straighforward.

The College Blue Book

The College Blue Book: This book is the source for college information. It is one-stop shopping that is often easier to use than the Web. I really like the search by program option of volume three. It lists schools by state under program type. It’s in the library’s reference section. This book works nicely with the library’s online database College Catalogs Online, which provides online catalogs for 14,000 colleges and universities.

Contemporary American women poets : an A-to-Z guide

Contemporary American women poets : an A-to-Z guide: From Greenwood Publishing Group “(A)lphabetically arranged entries on nearly 70 American women poets who published significant works after 1945. Each entry is written by an expert contributor and presents a short biography, a discussion of major works and themes, a survey of the poet’s critical reception, and primary and secondary bibliographies. Included poets come from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, geographical regions, and social classes. Some, such as Maya Angelou and Adrienne Rich, have received significant critical attention, while others are only beginning to attract interest and acclaim.”

Arab News

Arab News: “First English daily newspaper in Saudi Arabia.” The site features analysis and news “from Europe, America, India, Pakistan, Philippines and other Middle Eastern countries in English. Local news, business news, sports and features are provided.” Includes archives back to January 2001.

BBC: Country Profile of Lebanon

CountryProfile of Lebanon: A nice compilation of facts, figures, and cultural information about the North African country of Lebanon. This is great reading material in preparation for the visit of Fulbright Scholar Professor El Amine, who will be discussing the youth and socio-political challenges in the Arab world from 2-3pm in Moraine Rooms (College Center, Moraine Valley) on March 29th, 2004.

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