Today is Ray Bradbury Day in Chicago

“Mayor Richard M. Daley has proclaimed Monday, April 18, 2005 RAY BRADBURY DAY IN CHICAGO. Chicagoans are invited to celebrate the genius of literary legend Ray Bradbury and the release of his authorized biography, The Bradbury Chronicles by local journalist Sam Weller.” There will be special events tonight at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago.

You can see the books that the MVCC library owns here. We invite you to come in and check them out.

140th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Death

Today marks the 140th year since Lincoln was assassinated. This is a listing of resources that may be useful when exploring Lincoln’s life.

Voice From the Past on Lincoln Anniversary: This NPR segment features 101 year old, Civil War veteran Julius Howell who relates the story of Lincoln’s death.

Abraham Lincoln: This a listing of the books that the MVCC Library owns. Find one, come in, and check it out.

Lincoln’s Assassination: These are sources that are specifically on Lincoln’s assassination.

Lincoln Presidential Library: This is the site of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. It has good information on the president.

Newsbank subscription extras to try

NewsBank?s Special Report focusing on Poetry around the World is now available.

Poetry around the World contains articles and pictures about trends and poets from throughout the world covered largely from news sources originating in that area to provide local coverage of each culture.

Some examples of information you will find include:
*open mic nights
*Nobel prize winners
*cowboy poetry
*Poets Laureate
*Ocatvio Paz
*Mayo Angelou
*William Butler Yeats
*and more

Regions covered include
*UK and Ireland
*Australia and Oceania
*Middle East
*North America
*Latin America

Related maps and links to web sites are included. Suggested search terms to help locate additional information in your NewsBank products are listed to encourage further research.

All articles are easily accessed and can be printed or e-mailed from within the site.

NewsBank has always been committed to providing libraries with the best coverage of important global issues and events. In addition to Poetry around the World, we continue our ongoing Special Report coverage of
*Science and Health in the News
*Natural Disasters
*World Health
*War on Terrorism
*Black History

All sites are accessible at along with your NewsBank products

Saul Bellow: 1915-2005

Saul Bellow, Chicago writer and Nobel Prize winner, has passed away this week. This is a great loss for American arts and letters, but he has left a legacy of great works. Here is a listing of Saul Bellow’s works in the Moraine Valley library. Here is aSun Times article about Bellow and his death. You you prefer, you may want to listen to this NPR Story about Bellow, which include interviews with Bellow and his friends.

Into the Kill Zone: A Cop’s Eye View of Deadly Force

Into the Kill Zone: A Cop’s Eye View of Deadly Force: This is a new book in the library that would be great for our criminal justice faculty members.

“What it’s like to have the legal sanction to shoot and kill A former police officer-who shot and killed a suspect in his rookie year-presents firsthand accounts of the role deadly force plays in the day-to-day lives of cops. This compelling and often startling book is filled with real-life stories from police officers who have killed in the line of duty. Readers will meet the female cop who is overcome with remorse after killing a man holding a toy gun; the SWAT team member who has only one shot at a killer holding a mother and two kids hostage; the officer who shoots a man who looked “just like my father” during a divorce court hearing after the suspect shot his estranged wife, the bailiff, and both attorneys. This brilliantly written book tells how men and women are trained, how they live with this awesome responsibility, the times they didn’t pull the trigger, hair-raising accounts of what it was like when they did, and what’s happened to them since. From crisis intervention to posttraumatic stress-this book tells the compelling story of legal street execution. David Klinger (St. Louis, MO) is a former police officer who teaches criminology and sociology at the University of Missouri, St. Louis. He has appeared on the Today show, Chris Matthew’s Hard Ball, Geraldo Rivera, and the History Channel.” –book description

Magic Circles…New Book on the Beatles

Magic circles : the Beatles in dream and history: Come in and checkout this new book about John, George, Paul and Ringo (the Bealtes in case you didn’t know). Very cool. Here is the quote from the book cover.

“No one expressed the heart and soul of the Sixties as powerfully as the Beatles did through the words, images, and rhythms of their music. In Magic Circles Devin McKinney uncovers the secret history of a generation and a pivotal moment in twentieth-century culture. He reveals how the Beatles enacted the dream life of their time and shows how they embodied a kaleidoscope of desire and anguish for all who listened–hippies or reactionaries, teenage fans or harried parents, Bob Dylan or Charles Manson. The reader who dares to re-enter the vortex that was the Sixties will appreciate, perhaps for the first time, much of what lay beneath the social trauma of the day. “–book description

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