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With picnic weather coming into fruition, and the urge to go outside and sit in the sun like a flower blossoms, here are some recommendations to keep you company.  

Cover Photo : Killer plants: growing and caring for flytraps, pitcher plants, and other deadly flora by Molly Williams; illustrated by Marisol Ortega 

When on a picnic it’s nice to know the life you are surrounded by, and if it’s capable of destruction. This fun read will keep you turning pages with a beautiful illustration style and fun fauna facts! With advice on how to care for your own plants, or what may fit your lifestyle, this is a must read for the summer. Who knows, this book might just be the line between you being a friend or foe to the plants.  

Check It Out Here!  

Cover Photo : The hello kitty baking book: recipes for cookies, cupcakes, and more by Michele Chen Chock 

Having a picnic with no sweets feels like reading a book with blank pages. Plus, who doesn’t want some cute snacks while they read? This cookbook is on all things toothachingly adorable. From macaroons to cookies, these recipes of different skillsets will be tons of fun to make with your friends or even to treat yourself. Why wait? Turn your favorite Sanrio character into a cake pop today! 

Check It Out Here! 

Cover Photo : Kiki’s delivery service by Hayao Miazaki 

This is a must. If you haven’t watched this absolute masterpiece, now is the time. I would go as far as to recommend all Studio Ghibli films but this one truly embodies the feeling of a spring night. With the lovable protagonist Kiki navigating her way in the world alongside her cat Jiji, this tale is unforgettable. With watercolor like dreamy visuals and a story that envelops you in a warm hug, your eyes will be glued to the screen and a smile on your face.  

Check It Out Here!  

Tim Donaghy and the Allegedly Fixed 2002 NBA Playoffs

Twenty years ago the 2002 Western Conference Finals featuring the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers took place and to this day it remains the most controversial playoff series in NBA history.

To anyone who saw the game in person or on live television, the one-sided officiating was too much for the Sacramento Kings to overcome. The Lakers would go on to win game 6 and the series. Former referee Tim Donaghy, who would eventually serve a 15-month prison sentence for a gambling scandal, alleged in a court filing that the playoff series in 2002 was manipulated by two referees who officiated that game.

Here is what was alleged:

“Referees A, F and G were officiating a playoff series between Teams 5 and 6 in May of 2002. It was the sixth game of a seven-game series, and a Team 5 victory that night would have ended the series. However, Tim learned from Referee A that Referees A and F wanted to extend the series to seven games. Tim knew referees A and F to be ‘company men,’ always acting in the interest of the NBA, and that night, it was in the NBA’s interest to add another game to the series. Referees A and F heavily favored Team 6. Personal fouls [resulting in obviously injured players] were ignored even when they occurred in full view of the referees. Conversely, the referees called made-up fouls on Team 5 in order to give additional free throw opportunities for Team 6. Their foul-calling also led to the ejection of two Team 5 players. The referees’ favoring of Team 6 led to that team’s victory that night, and Team 6 came back from behind to win that series.” (ABC News)

Tim Donaghy’s full version of the alleged scandal is available to read for free on Hoopla.

Click the link to read Personal Foul by Tim Donaghy.


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This is the year that Leonidas C. Dyer, a Congressman and a Republican, who served eleven terms (1911-1933) in the U.S. House of Representatives from Missouri, proposed the Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill after the 1917 Riots in East St. Louis. Although the House voted for the bill, it was not passed into law by the Senate. Thus, begins the long journey that culminated in the Emmitt Till Antilynching Act that is now law. President Biden signed the legislation into law on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

From the BAIC (Black Americans in Congress) website you can trace the long history of lynchings. Click here.

The Chicago and Summit Connections

Here are two other possible individuals who had an impact on lynching, this heinous American mob action.

Ida B. Wells, a journalist, educator, and civil rights proponent, relocated from Memphis, Tennessee, to Chicago after her office was destroyed. The MVCC library owns Selected works of Ida B. Wells-Barnett / compiled with an introduction by Trudier Harris. Click here for the information and the call number to find it on the shelf in our circulating collection on the lower level. 

And, of course, Emmett Till spent some time as a child in Summit, Illinois, before his mother moved to Chicago. The village has placed a marker at the home, 7526 W. 64th Street. Emmett lost his life in 1955 in Mississippi. Click here to get to the items available at the MVCC library on Emmett Till.

Artist Workshop: Featuring Comics Artist Gene Ha (video)

Acclaimed American Comics artist and writer, Ha pulls back the curtain and shares a behind-the-scenes in this workshop shop for students in the Drawing Comics (ART 106) class. Mr. Ha writes and draws for the creator-owned ongoing graphic series “Mae.” This four-time Eisner Award winner is the artist for the new “Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons” Volume 2 published on April 5, 2022 by DC Comics. To learn more about him, visit geneha.com.

Shamanism for Local and Global Change

Experiential knowledge of the shamanic worldview leads to a profound awareness of the sacred nature of our world and an awakening of compassion, resulting in the desire to restore balance and harmony. Shamanic work, when combined with ordinary reality knowledge and action, can make an immense contribution toward effective solutions for community and global problems. Join us for a discussion of how these perspectives can be helpful in providing inspired and workable ways to address complex issues such as climate change. This event is part of our One Book, One College Series.  

Chicago‘s Arab American Community (video)

The Arab American community has a long history of involvement, contributions, activism and community building in the Chicago. Join us as we explore the immigration, geographic trends and historical settlement of the Arab community in the greater Chicagoland area.  We welcome Dr. Nina Shoman-Dajani to give this talk as part of Arab Heritage Month. 

Support Student Scholarships with our HUE-MONGOUS Coloring Event!

Help support student scholarships during National Library Week! Between April 4th and April 8th, stop by the library and color with us! Donate $1 to have your work displayed in the library! All donations go towards scholarships for library student employees.

The Moraine Valley Community College Library offers scholarships to student employees of the Library when funds are available.

Scholarships in the amount of $300.00 per student are awarded annually to student employees who have shown a spirit of service to the Moraine Valley community. 

Eligible student employees who work in the library are strongly encouraged to apply. 

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  • Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5
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