What’s Going On? Marvin Gaye’s Classic Album Revisited On His Birthday

What’s Going On- Marvin Gaye – 1970

Marvin Gaye’s quintessential album looked at the forces shaping American culture and himself at the beginning of the 1970s. It records Marvin as he soulfully and eloquently sings about a country affected by the Vietnam War, division, drug addiction, poverty, and racial discrimination. Much like the 1970s, the country is divided as ever over politics and the handling of the Coronavirus. Albums like this remind us to think, and ask ourselves and others, “What’s Going On?”.

Stream the 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition of What’s Going on by Marvin Gaye for FREE on Hoopla by clicking here.

Revisit “Public Health Preparedness: Whole Community Involvement” – One Book, One College Programming on World War Z

Back in 2014, Jeremy Hirst, Chief of Risk and Emergency Management at DuPage County Health Department held a discussion on public health preparedness for pandemics (such as SARS, H1N1, influenza ), widespread drug addiction, bioterrorism, etc., & how preparations involve the entire community. This discussion was part of our One Book, One College programming on World War Z.

He discussed topics such as surges hospitals could experience during epidemics/pandemics, stresses on laboratories doing testing, and assessing needs prior to emergencies. Watching this video leaves the viewer with questions regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic, such as: did the World Health Organization (WHO) sufficiently prepare countries once the virus was spreading in China? Did the United States federal government prepare its states enough? How are our local leaders dealing with the pandemic, trickling down to the community level? Read this Rolling Stone article on “Why the World Health Organization’s Response to COVID-19 Is Crucial to the Future of Public Health.”

We will continue sharing these World War Z themed discussions in the coming weeks, but also check out the full playlist of One Book: World War Z videos.

Regardless of the event, public health is a critical component to emergency preparedness planning. Jeremy Hirst, Chief of Risk and Emergency Management at DuPage County Health Department, discusses the work of his office in bringing together community groups and first responders to address public health risk. This event is part of the Library’s One Book program on World War Z.

Meet Me at The Cluny Museum Tomorrow!

On my magical world tour, all the places I visit are open for business. I am happy to put up with long lines, large crowds that block my view of art objects, and spending more money than I should, because the world has so many natural beauties and works of art to explore and enjoy. So, let’s begin. I am in Paris for another day. Second on my list (Wasn’t the Louvre great?) to visit is the Musee de Cluny, a short walk from the Louvre. It is a museum that highlights the medieval period of France. The most impressive object in the museum’s collection is the Lady and the Unicorna tapestry woven in 1511. There are other works of art that I could view, and this list will be helpful for my tour. The “current” exhibit is centered on “objects that offer glimpses into how people in medieval society spent their hours and days.” This may be an interesting topic to contemplate in Spring 2020. Don’t forget to use our MVCC databases to help you better understand the people and art of the Middle Ages.

After you view the tapestry, you may want to read the novel The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier Unfortunately, it is not available on Hoopla. Here is a review of the novel and links to the availability of the novel.

To be continued…

Update – Keeping You and Your Food Safe

Last week, I posted a video of a doctor showing how to sanitize your groceries when you bring them home. Since then, there have been some articles supporting the need and some disputing it. So I wanted to update you. According to the USDA’s website, “We are not aware of any reports at this time of human illnesses that suggest COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging. However, it is always important to follow good hygiene practices (i.e., wash hands and surfaces often, separate raw meat from other foods, cook to the right temperature, and refrigerate foods promptly) when handling or preparing foods.” That said, some are still recommending sanitizing groceries if you or someone in your home is “at higher risk for severe illness“. Here is a Healthline article that may be helpful.

Reliable Info on Corvid-19: Stat

From the website…

“What’s STAT all about?
STAT is a media company focused on finding and telling compelling stories about health, medicine, and scientific discovery. We produce daily news, investigative articles, and narrative projects in addition to multimedia features. We tell our stories from the places that matter to our readers — research labs, hospitals, executive suites, and political campaigns.”

Click here for Stat.

Take in a TED talk? Listen to MVCC Library Podcasts?

Around since 1984, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks have more impact now with the Internet. Click here to get to the website with 25 of the more popular TED talks. These talks are audio-visual.

How about taking in one of the Moraine Valley Community College Library podcasts. You have a choice of audio-visual, audio, or audio with transcripts (written texts). Click here to get to the 2020 and all previous podcasts.

Reading Time

In this time of social distancing, we are all finding ways to fill our time and finding that we now have time for things that we never did before. My teenage daughter took it upon herself to organize our home office. My mom’s neighbor spent 2 ½ hours organizing his light bulbs! Yes, these are strange times.

Perhaps now is the perfect time to tackle that doorstopper on your reading list. Have you always wanted to read War and Peace or Moby Dick? Or maybe you’d like to re-read the whole Harry Potter series. How long will it take? There are tools available to help you answer that question.

At Readinglength.com you can enter the name of a book and it will tell you how many hours it takes the average reader to finish that book. It will also direct you to some tests for you to calculate your personal reading speed and allow you to enter your own wpm (words per minute), allowing you to see how long it will take you to read the book you’ve chosen.

How many books can you read in a year? A pretty good test of this is demonstrated in this Mental Floss article. Read the short excerpt and answer 3 multiple-choice questions. You’ll find out how long it will take you to read War and Peace or the entire Harry Potter series. It will then tell you how many books you can read in a year by devoting say 30 minutes per day to reading. The results will amaze you.

Do you need some books to put this new knowledge into action? The MVCC Library provides access to tons of ebooks. Use the library catalog to search for a title, author, or topic. Then use the limiters to the left of your results to see the ebooks. And just in case you were wondering, we do have War and Peace, Moby Dick and the Harry Potter series available in ebook form.

Tools for a Better Binge: Just Watch and Bingeclock

JustWatch image

As you are at home binge watching Tiger King and Westworld, here are some tools to make your binge even better.

Just Watch: A streaming guide that tells which services carries which movies, shows, and other stuff. Instead of searching each service (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.) individually, you can search for a movie or show and see which services provides it. Here are key features:

  • Includes Hoopla and Kanopy (provided to students, faculty, and staff by our library!)
  • Has easy-to-use app for iOS and Android.
  • Personalize searches based on your streaming services. You can limit to over 50 streaming options .
  • Save shows and movies in your own list so you can keep track where they are currently available.

Bingeclock: A master database of TV shows and movies. If you are preparing to watch The Good Place or Avatar: The Last Airbender and you are wondering how long it will take, Bingclock will tell you. You can search by show, and it will give you the total hours.

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: 3 seasons totalling 1 day, 6 hours, 30 minutes.
  • The Good Place: 4 seasons, totalling 24 hours.
  • Guiding Light: 591 days, 1 hour (longest show).
  • Mash: 5 days, 9 hours.
  • Friends: 5 days, 1 hour.
  • Game of Thrones: 2 days, 22 hours, 1 minute.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race: 4 days, 21 hours.

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