Owning the Slender Man


I wanted to share this awesome story about the internet’s newest monster, known as the Slender Man. There are images, videos, and sites devoted to this demon. The awesome part about the Slender Man is that he is totally made up. Eric Knudsen, who invented the character, is working to keep control of this internet phenom.

If you are into conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and urban lengends such as the Slender Man, you may want to check out these books:

Conspiracy theories / edited by Paul McCaffrey
Debunked! : conspiracy theories, urban legends, and evil plots of the 21st century / Richard Roeper
The Mexican pet : more “new” urban legends and some old favorites / Jan Harold Brunvand



Description: The Slender Man is the internet’s monster – the subject of countless remixes, tributes, and parodies. He’s so ubiquitous he feels like he’s been around for ages, like folklore. But Slender Man has an owner and a point of origin. Alex talks to Eric Knudsen, the creator of Slender Man.

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